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Through my experiences (1987-2007) at Matrix Research Institute (MRI), and The Matrix Center at Horizon House, I was introduced to professionals from other countries. MRI had developed a reputation for its expertise in the areas of psychiatric rehabilitation, particularly about approaches to increasing employment opportunities for people with mental health issues. People from the U.S. and other countries would contact MRI and ask for a meeting. These meetings would often consist of a day of knowledge exchange, provision of resources pertinent to their interests, and identification of other people and programs where they could further their understanding. On behalf of MRI, I would most often be the host of these knowledge exchange events.


In addition, MRI worked very closely with the International Association for PsychoSocial Rehabilitation Services (IAPSRS), now the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. As a part of their Annual Conference, IAPSRS contracted with MRI to manage the two days of Conference Institutes that offered half day and whole day training opportunities. During that time, I was tasked with that contract; as a result, I had an opportunity to work with people from the U.S., Canada, and other countries. People presented workshops and Institutes and came to these Conferences and Institutes as attendees. 


Through these experiences, my colleagues and I were offered opportunities to work with people in Japan and in Pakistan. While contact with the founder of The Recovery House in Karachi Pakistan was initiated during my work at MRI, the consultation activities began more recently (2013) and continue.

International Consultation Services
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