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My hourly rate ranges from $75 to $100 depending on timing and administrative requirements.

The following provides examples of typical editing/production requests:

  • A journal publication of 20 double-spaced pages using 12-point font including Abstract, Narrative, Tables/Figures, and References would require approximately 7 hours of editing and track changes as described above.

  • A grant proposal often has tight, sometimes last minute, deadlines. Furthermore, there are significant space limitations requiring strict economy of language with continuous revisions and teamwork.  A typical proposal that requires a one page single space “Specific Aims,” 300 word limit Project Description, and a 5 page single space “Approach” is estimated at 8 to 10 hours depending on how much narrative needs “to be cut.” Creating space for added narrative or cutting back lines to fit a format is one of my editing specialties.

  • A doctoral dissertation would follow a similar pattern to the journal publication described above; however, the Literature Review Chapter requires a slightly higher amount of effort given extensive citations and references. Furthermore, the Results Chapter when using extensive Tables and Figures can also require extra effort. (One request was to review just the citations and references for the entire dissertation per the “committee request” which required 9.5 hours).

Here is a reminder of the tasks that generate the hours applied to an editing request:

  • a first full read to identify needs related to grammar, punctuation, writing clarity and flow, language use and continuity, use of opening sentences, reader/audience engagement, and assurance that formatting and content fit author guidelines for intended publication or proposal

  • Review all figures and tables for accuracy, match with narrative, and formatting for author guidelines

  • Cross check for citation/reference match and style formatting

  • Completion of track changes for all identified edits using comment function to clarify and question as needed

  • Completion of any references readily identified through PubMed to obtain missing or assure accurate information with corrections completed through track changes

  • Reread the edited manuscript to identify final formatting and details to address prior to returning to the author

These tasks reflect specialized editing that moves beyond simple proofreading to more challenging copyediting – in addition to proofreading and copyediting and, based on my expertise, I identify content that has been omitted or duplicated or needs clarification for the integrity of the publication or proposal.  My experience from three and a half decades of developing grant proposals and publications have been applied during this past decade to editing services for academics and professionals in the nursing and health professions.

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