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Overview of My Editorial Services
  • assessment of “sales pitch” concerning the relationship between your statement about the current state of knowledge and the new knowledge you offer;

  • clarification about the conceptual frame as reflected across the narrative;

  • assessment of communication style related to reader/audience expectations;

  • clarification about reader assumptions and terms used;

  • review of a document for its flow, expected structure, and repeats/gaps;

  • review for accuracy of grammar, punctuation, abbreviations, acronyms, etc.;

  • review of publication formatting as required (e.g., headers, figures, tables); and

  • review for accuracy of publication citations and references as required; APA style/format is my primary area of expertise, however, other styles are also available.

These editorial services can be especially useful where there are multiple authors and when there are short deadlines. It has been my privilege to work with many faculty members and doctoral candidates who have diverse research and teaching expertise and a passion to contribute to the growth of their professions.


For the past four decades, my career in the healthcare and social policy profession has required extensive writing including grant proposals, journal articles, book chapters, and other knowledge dissemination products.


More recently, I have assisted others in the health care professions with their publications, dissertations, and grant proposals – providing editorial and writing coach services. These services are provided in a confidential and timely manner. 

Communications are primarily electronic using email and track changes with occasional telephone conversations for last minute deadlines or clarifications.

My editorial services began in 2007 at Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions. At first, these requests were from faculty only; however, doctoral candidates from Drexel have also requested my services.

Further requests for my editorial services began to arrive from faculty and doctoral candidates from other Schools of Nursing. To date, these have included Villanova University, the University of Pennsylvania, Duquesne University, New Rochelle University, and Mercer University.

After 10 years of providing editorial services, I have learned a great deal from my faculty and doctoral candidate customers -- specifically about productive writing and about references/citations.

If, as an individual, you are interested in making use of my editorial services, I can provide an estimate based on your manuscript and timeframe for completion. Please forward your request and manuscript via E-mail.

If you represent an academic institution and would like to use my services for your faculty development objectives, please contact me at E-mail to schedule a phone appointment to explore your needs toward the development of a contract or other arrangement.

Editorial Services
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