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Unity Villa

Currently serving as a member of the PAPRS Advisory Board, continuing connections to conference and training committee activities. Served as PAPRS Training & Technical Assistance Consultant (2009-2012) providing leadership in PAPRS capacity building in provision of training by developing a state-approved 2-day psychiatric rehabilitation orientation curriculum and opportunities for training of trainers and generating training contracts and credentialing approvals. This position also required management of all technical assistance activities. Member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Training and Technical Assistance Committee from 2005-2009. In this role established policies and procedures for provision of training and technical assistance services; designed and developed a variety of new training initiatives.

Provided on-site (December 2013) program evaluation/assessment, technical assistance, and consultation with stakeholders at The Recovery House (with colleague Dr. Veronica Carey). Prepared an assessment report identifying steps to increase their capacity to provide recovery-oriented psychiatric rehabilitation services with ongoing skype and email communications to further the consultation. Conducted a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association workshop with Dr. Veronica Carey and Ms. Shaheen Ahmed, Summer 2014. For more details, click here.



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As Director of Training, conducted research projects, provided training and TA services through two federally funded Rehabilitation Research & Training Centers (NIDRR) – The RRTC on Employment for People with Psychiatric Disabilities (1994-2001) and The RRTC on Community Integration for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities (2003-2006). These services included both individual telephone consultations, as well as specific projects providing on-site technical assistance in capacity building with staff and program participants.

matrix research institute

As Director of Dissemination responsibilities included training and technical assistance activities, management of a national conference, development of curriculum on custody issues for women with a mental illness (with E. Mannion), and management of dissemination reporting for this multi-organizational, multi-faculty RRTC.


Provided planning, technical assistance, project management, and training services as part of this international exchange about employment supports for people with a psychiatric disability. This included development of two films on employment in Japan and the U.S., in addition to planning and implementation of two knowledge exchange visits. (with Dr. Eri Kuno). For more details, click here.




As the OMHSAS Employment Initiatives Work Group Consultant, coordinated and managed the development of a series of meetings and drafted a policy report that reflected the discussions of statewide representatives from diverse stakeholder groups.

Horizon House

Assisted this multi-county urban/suburban behavioral health agency in building capacity for recovery-oriented services: initiated program participant and family member advisory councils in 4 different county/state settings. This required planning/mentoring with program leadership, leadership development with council members, facilitation/development of council policies and procedures, TA with staff responsible for council management, and development of a guidebook for staff for ongoing council maintenance. Assisted with peer support capacity building with Wellness Alliance staff and program participants, as part of Philadelphia’s OMH partial hospital transformation initiative which included training with staff and program participants, drafting planning materials and facilitating discussions, drafting job descriptions, development of the hiring process for Wellness Alliance peer specialists, and provision of TA with staff on both co-worker and supervision issues related to peer specialists.

Assisted PCC Board members with planning that was grounded in understanding research concerning employment outcomes. This included preparation of a brief report for dissemination to PCC member organizations.

Hedwig House

Assisted this psychiatric rehabilitation program through staff development and special projects towards integrating peer support services into their programming and building staff capacity with the use of certified peer specialists. This included: provision of training, technical assistance and program evaluation activities over eight years of Pew Charitable Fund supported projects (assisted with grant writing and reporting) and completing of a three year Pew project focused on further integration of peer specialists into a psychiatric rehabilitation program (2008-2011).

Assisted management of this Philadelphia (Germantown) residential setting for adults living with psychiatric disabilities in transforming their program into a recovery-oriented, evidence-based supported housing program. This included: assisting management with revision of policies, procedures, and marketing materials; and conducting training and ongoing technical assistance with management, supervisors, practitioners, and tenants to facilitate this change.

Assisted this rural comprehensive behavioral health agency which has a commitment to integrate recovery-oriented, evidence-based practices across their programs while upgrading their newly licensed psychiatric rehabilitation program. This included: (1) development of an environmental scan; (2) provision of leadership development with staff, program participants, and peer specialists employed by or affiliated with the agency; (3) and provision of training that promoted cross-agency commitment and understanding about recovery and EBPs.

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